Dumpster cleanout snowplowing

A client needed a dumpster.
Driveway and the road leading to the Driveway Was covered with over a foot of snow. Our trucks that deliver that container have their own snowplow and so when we got there we detached the container and plowed the road and the driveway and reattach the contain it to the truck in order to safely deliver the container close to the garage. The client explained that all the Other Dumpster companies told him he was responsible for snowplowing. And therefore they would not deliver unless driveway was accessible. The advantage of our service is that snowplowing services are vital when customers need a dumpster. Our motto is customer service is a priority when people need trash removal dumpster service and cleanout property maintenance.

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Snowplowing steep long driveways

I have plowed just about every type of driveway and grounds in the Poconos. There are so many variations e.g. circular steep hills down and up. Even trails that are no longer usable. I have even plowed 1 mile up a mountain to rent a dumpster for a radio station WBRE
Wilkes Barre . Its crazy when the weather turns ugly its always good to know you have a friend at Diamond Services.

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Large jobs no problem

Recently I have been receiving emergency calls due to all the rain we’ve been getting. Today I received a call from Gulf gas station in regards to Cleaning out The entire back Part of the business. There was just about everything from metal shelving boxes and miscellaneous trash. We removed loaded hauled And disposed of the items creating more space for his inventory. Once the job was completed The truck making the delivery of items arrived just in time to begin storing the inventory for the month. Timely to say the least our client was satisfied To have been referred to us by the restaurant next door.

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Snowplowing and/or snowremoval

I specialize in Emergency calls for snowplowing and removal services
Dumpster service. Had someone call today to plow a steep driveway to get a dumpster delivered. Basement flooded. Pipes cracked.
And apply antiskid sand gritty for traction. Safety job #1

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Choosing the correct size dumpster

Finding the right size dumpster is the key.
Dumpsters come in all different sizes.
The cubic yards of the outside of the dumpster does not equal the space inside the dumpster.
For example the dumpster is measured from the outside.
And that is the amount of cubic yards given.
But the customer wants the amount of cubic yards of space not of the box size.
And that is exactly the problem getting the right size of space inside the dumpster.
Our goal is to get the customer into the right size dumpster.
There is a method to selecting the right size dumpster.
At trashremovalpacom we take the guesswork out.
We explain how to select the right size dumpster.
Dumpsters come in all different sizes.

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A Weekend Dumpster Rental is Never a Problem

Dumpster Rental NeededI got a call for a dumpster rental on a Friday, the woman said that she needed to rent a dumpster for the weekend and that it was really important that she had it by Saturday. She had a rental property in Lakeville, PA. out in Pike County and the tenants were really amazing slobs. They moved out and left piles of trash everywhere. It looked like they hadn’t thrown their garbage out in a month and they had a lot of other old stuff all over the property.

Before I could tell her that weekend dumpster rentals have never been a problem for me she went on and told me about how she called so many other dumpster rental companies and that none of them would help her, they just couldn’t be bothered on the weekend. She also explained that if the pile of trash on her rental property wasn’t gone by Sunday, she would be getting some steep fines from the county on Monday.

At this point I would have helped her even if I didn’t usually offer dumpster rentals on the weekends. I’m always ready to help someone in need and typically, if I can I will. So we discussed a few things like pricing and time of arrival, came to an agreement and I got my dumpster ready for the ride out to Lakeville, PA. Lakeville is just inside of the limits allowed by my license.Dumpster Rental Areas I can only rent dumpsters within 50 miles of my town, Effort, PA. Around here you can almost count on slow moving traffic so I expected it to take a while to get out there and I left a little bit early.

I got lucky with the traffic and got there before she did. It wasn’t a big waste of time though, I got a chance to look around at the load of trash that had to be removed. I’m glad that I brought the dumpster truck that I did because she underestimated the load by a little bit. I took the little bit extra and didn’t even bother charging her for it. She really wasn’t that far off. Lakeville is a little bit far and she needed the dumpster fast, so I took the chance that she was able to describe the amount of trash accurately. Sometimes it can be a little tricky picking the right dumpster to rent to a customer when you haven’t actually seen the load for yourself. A lot of customers either over or underestimate the size of the dumpster that they need.

When she got to the house and saw that I was there and ready to get started I could see a look of relief on her face. She was really concerned about getting the trash removed on time and said that, from her dealing with other dumpster rental companies in the past, she expected me to keep her waiting. She was also pretty happy to see that the wheels on the dumpster were real tires and not metal wheels that punch holes in the ground when you set them down and dig ruts when you remove them. All of my dumpster trailers and dumpster trucks have wheels that you would find on a truck. They never leave a mark in driveways and are usually pretty good on lawns too.

It turns out that this woman is involved with home remodeling and other construction projects in Wayne and Pike Counties and expects to be needing more dumpster rentals sometime soon. She was so happy with the level of service I provided as well as renting her a dumpster on the weekend when no one else would, and the fact that I helped her out of the jam she was in, she said that she wouldn’t even bother calling anyone else. I am now her dumpster rental and trash removal man. Whether it’s on the weekend or not.

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For Our Special Dumpsters Steep Hills are no Problem

Sometimes I just have to toot my own horn. I actually impressed myself with this one.

Last week I got a call from a law firm concerning an emergency clean up at a development in Bushkill, PA. The emergency was concerning a load of garbage in several locations on one property in that community. The problem was that the home owner’s house was down a very steep hill and she was unable to get anybody to bring a dumpster down this hill to get two 30 cubic yard piles of garbage.

Dumpster on Steep DrivewayI had to take pictures of the piles and the steepness of the hill because it was probably the steepest driveway I have ever seen in well over 20 years. The grade was greater than 45 degrees downhill. This Law Firm was involved because complaints were made to the association by neighbors. The homeowner wanted to get it cleaned up but the problem was they couldn’t find anybody who was able to get down the steep driveway and pull heavy loads of garbage up such a steep grade.

The homeowner found our website and read our testimonials, which made him feel we were the right company for the job. We received the emergency clean up call at night and by the following day we had it all cleaned up. We provided them with our proprietary methods and procedures to tackle this job, which, by the way, other companies are unable to do.

Built in DumpsterSome of my trucks have a dumpster built right into the cargo bed. So I unhitched the container at the top of the hill we were able to go down the hill with one of these trucks, with its own container and 4 wheel drive. We loaded this truck, took it up the hill right to the big container at the top, unloaded it into the big dumpster and continued this procedure until everything was completely removed from the premises. We had the property completely cleaned up in 9 hours, including getting everything to the landfill that same day. I took pictures of the items disposed of at the landfill as well.

The law firm had told us afterwards that they had contacted 15 other companies in that area and that they were unable to do the job. They said the huge roll off containers they have would have been too heavy to get down the driveway, or they just simply wanted to leave an empty roll off container on top of the hill, but it would have blocked the neighbor’s driveways and everybody would have probably thrown their garbage into the roll off overnight.
It would have been impossible for anyone to get the stuff from down there and up this driveway by hand so they were really happy they found us.

Dumpster Rental Bushkill PAWe do small jobs, large jobs, difficult jobs, nearly impossible jobs and we always have a game plan.

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What a Dumpster Rental in Blakeslee, PA

Dumpster Rental Blakeslee PAI received a call from a customer in Blakeslee Pennsylvania about needing to rent a dumpster because he had a lot of trash that needed to be removed from his property that was left by a former tenant. I immediately visited the site and noticed tons of garbage strewn about the property, on the side, on the front, in the back and everywhere.

I advised him of several dumpster rental options that would work within his budget and he made a pretty smart choice, I helped him choose the best size dumpster to rent and what service was best, considering the costs and the work that needed to be done to remove all that trash. So, as soon as a price was agreed upon, pretty low by trash removal standards, he told me to go ahead and get busy doing the cleanup, and boy do I mean busy.

He explained to me that it had to be done right away because he was going to be fined by the local authorities. So I immediately brought a 30 yard dumpster, which is a good size dumpster, up to Blakeslee and got started loading the eyesore of a trash pile into the dumpster he rented from me, or really trash piles in this case. I’m still amazed at how much garbage there was at this place.


It took me the better part of the day to load the dumpster being everything was in such a mess and scattered about the way it was. I even worked cleaning out the garage into the price. I forgot to mention that even the garage was loaded with trash as well. I was so amazed at what unbelievable slobs this poor guy had for tenants that I had to take pictures to show you the extent and total volume of the garbage that needed to be hauled away in a dumpster.

There were bicycles, cat litter, oil paint cans and a lot of un-bagged garbage as well, way too much to put into words, I’ll let the pictures do the explaining, even though seeing that spread of trash in person was more of a shock than pictures can show. I made sure to take an after picture too, so you can see how it looked after all the trash was finally loaded into the dumpster. I must say, I was pretty impressed with the difference myself. And most important, so was the customer.

And I’ll bet some of the people who live in Blakeslee were happy too. 

It also shows that I don’t kid around when I say I’ll handle any trash removal job, even when the other trash removal companies are scared off by mountains of garbage. So if you have a really big amount of garbage you need hauled away in dumpsters, or even just a small pile to remove, that doesn’t require you to rent a large dumpster, give me a call. I’ll even give you the best price around, on the dumpster rental and any other service I provide.

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Even if it’s Trash, Honesty is the Best Policy

This supports the old cliché that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure

I was hired by a woman to clean out a 300 year old house in Scotrun Pennsylvania. Her brother had passed away and left it to her. There was tons of old stuff collecting over so many years and even the outside of the house needed cleaning up too. She said that she had been referred to me by a judge in Monroe County and she wanted to hire us to clean it out and clean up the property as well.

We started in the basement, the wine cellar and then other lower areas of the house. As each part was cleaned out we would work our way up towards the upper floors. When it came time to get to the attic the homeowner explained that they were not able to go up into the attic because of the amount of dust and debris up there that they could not tolerate. There was maybe 100 cubic yards of garbage up there.

So we cleaned out this amazing load of trash and then I saw that there was another part to the attic that was covered by a large curtain. I had to go get several flashlights to see what was behind this curtain. When I move the curtain away I could not believe my eyes. Stacked in the corner on a shelf were hundreds of old Civil War journals from the 1800’s. I opened some of the books and the way it was written you could tell the script was from that time. There were also a lot of very old magazines from the fifties like American Rifleman and others.

I dusted all of them off and stacked them neatly near the exit of the attic. When I brought them downstairs to show the homeowner she could not believe her eyes either. She commented that she had no idea that there were up there nor did anyone in her family even know. None of her immediate family who lived there were up in the attic in a long time, since they are older and unable to get into it.

I explained to the customer that the books were probably worth a considerable amount of money. I checked and it turns out that the books are worth thousands according to an auction gallery. She was very pleased that I provided her with that information. She said anyone else would have just pocketed the items and never said anything because she didn’t even know that they were in the attic. She decided to keep them and donate them to the Historical Society. She was so happy with us that she even sent me letter thanking me for bringing those items of value to her attention and for the great job we did as well.

I know that she will highly recommend me if anyone ever asks her about a trash removal service, especially if anyone needs to prepare a house for sale. From a business point of view, that’s a good reason that honesty is the best policy.

Another reason, although not first on my list is that I am the compliance officer for my company. I ensure that we comply with all the local, state and federal laws concerning removal and hauling. These regulations state that items of value must be manifested, signed for by the owner and notarized if ownership is to be transferred to us. And Trash Removal PA complies with all laws and regulations.

And a third reason is that I sleep better at night knowing that I did the right thing by my customer.

I do all size clean out jobs, if I find anything that I recognize or suspect to be of value I’ll let you know. Who knows, I might even make you an offer for it myself.

If you have any areas, large or small, that you need cleaned out, give me a call. With or without valuable items hiding in your trash I’ll always give you the lowest prices around.

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