Furniture Removal Haul Dumpster

I get calls all the time for furniture removal that we Hall in a dumpster to the landfill. The advantage of
using a dumpster is it holds a lot and it’s easy to load. As opposed to someone showing up with a truck that is small or high up and difficult to load. Our Roll off container holds a lot and cost very little.

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Dumpster Container Rental for Removal of Garbage

When a customer rents a dumpster container to remove garbage they are faced with a dilemna. First the contract has a specified rental period.
Secondly the customer is now faced with having to complete their project and meeting the specified timeline. Sometimes consumers are faced with an emergency. Other times weather is a factor.
Which can create a problem for the Consumer. Dumpster Companies generally Charge extra or will simply pick up the container regardless Leaving the consumer with the task of renting another dumpster.
This should not be. Diamond Dumpster will work with the consumer if an emergency were to arise.

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Trash containers,rolloff,dumpster,removal,garbage

Hello everyone thank you for stopping by we can haul your trash provide a rolloff give you a driveway safe dumpster with rubber wheels remove everything take all your garbage. Our trash containers are Suitable to take everything.

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A dumpster company that hauls it all

Removal services dumpster and rolloff hauling companies All have restricted items they cannot take. Consumers are frustrated that they can not get rid of many of the items because they’re dumpster company refuses to take it. The problem is with the landfill because they do not and will not take many electronics televisions chemicals and many other items that are restricted so therefore the dumpster companies cannot Either. So what do you do with items that you can’t get rid of and now you’re stuck. The solution
is A double container system. What you do as a dumpster company is you tell the client to give you a list of all the items they fall under the restricted category. Then you supply a second container at a reduced price. The items that are restricted many of them can be recycled and people are looking for used paint and many other items that are recyclable. Televisions plastics cardboard elecktronicks wire metal are all recyclable. By doing this you are helping the environment and By recycling more you are also lowering the cost of goods and services and helping the economy. As well as gaining a satisfied client.

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Dumpsters, Rolloffs, Containers

Dumpsters rolloff and containers All serve the same function. A means to removing and carting away your trash and garbage regardless of design. At the landfill Many various type Garbage container and dumpsters design Are used. However the best ones have the rubber wheels and diamond dumpsters Are the only ones that are driveway safe containers . That hold more and are larger inside. That use rubber wheels to protect your driveway.

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Predicting your Dumpster size

The other companies give you Dumpster sizes measured from outside. But inside there is less space then what you ordered.
When you order a dumpster the size is from the outside of 4 inch walls so length width height of the container 24 inches lost. That means consumer is getting significantly less space then what you ordered. Not with DIAMOND container service. You get what you order (space inside) not outside space like other companies.

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Dumpster cleanout snowplowing

A client needed a dumpster.
Driveway and the road leading to the Driveway Was covered with over a foot of snow. Our trucks that deliver that container have their own snowplow and so when we got there we detached the container and plowed the road and the driveway and reattach the contain it to the truck in order to safely deliver the container close to the garage. The client explained that all the Other Dumpster companies told him he was responsible for snowplowing. And therefore they would not deliver unless driveway was accessible. The advantage of our service is that snowplowing services are vital when customers need a dumpster. Our motto is customer service is a priority when people need trash removal dumpster service and cleanout property maintenance.

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Snowplowing steep long driveways

I have plowed just about every type of driveway and grounds in the Poconos. There are so many variations e.g. circular steep hills down and up. Even trails that are no longer usable. I have even plowed 1 mile up a mountain to rent a dumpster for a radio station WBRE
Wilkes Barre . Its crazy when the weather turns ugly its always good to know you have a friend at Diamond Services.

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Large jobs no problem

Recently I have been receiving emergency calls due to all the rain we’ve been getting. Today I received a call from Gulf gas station in regards to Cleaning out The entire back Part of the business. There was just about everything from metal shelving boxes and miscellaneous trash. We removed loaded hauled And disposed of the items creating more space for his inventory. Once the job was completed The truck making the delivery of items arrived just in time to begin storing the inventory for the month. Timely to say the least our client was satisfied To have been referred to us by the restaurant next door.

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Snowplowing and/or snowremoval

I specialize in Emergency calls for snowplowing and removal services
Dumpster service. Had someone call today to plow a steep driveway to get a dumpster delivered. Basement flooded. Pipes cracked.
And apply antiskid sand gritty for traction. Safety job #1

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