How to select the right size dumpster

Often many times I get calls from people and they don’t know what size dumpster to get. After all everything is spread apart. Nothing is in one place. So how can a consumer determine the right size Dumpster? It’s not as difficult as one might think. The key to determining the right size and not guessing is to look at the largest items you’re getting rid of. For
example let’s say you had a sofa That was 8′ long 3′ wide 3′ high that is 72 ft³. You divide that by 27 and that’s approximately 2 to 3 yd³. By taking the largest items measuring them you can get an idea of what size dumpster but some people don’t want to go through that. The other approach would be putting everything together in one pile and measuring the Length With and height of the pile and divide that by 27. The result would be the cubic yards you will need in space. Not measured from the outside of the dumpster but the actual inside measurement or cubic yards from inside. Because the outside of the dumpster and the inside of the dumpster has 2 separate cubic yard measurements because the dumpsters are built with channels that are thick and they are Constructed based on the material needed but after it’s built the inside space is not the cubic yards The consumer is getting. It’s like a shoe. The shoe is Measured from the toe to the heel but the inside space is much less. It’s the same thing with the dumpster so when you are ordering a dumpster try not to guess look at your largest items is measured them and you should be in the ballpark you need to be

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