For Our Special Dumpsters Steep Hills are no Problem

Sometimes I just have to toot my own horn. I actually impressed myself with this one.

Last week I got a call from a law firm concerning an emergency clean up at a development in Bushkill, PA. The emergency was concerning a load of garbage in several locations on one property in that community. The problem was that the home owner’s house was down a very steep hill and she was unable to get anybody to bring a dumpster down this hill to get two 30 cubic yard piles of garbage.

Dumpster on Steep DrivewayI had to take pictures of the piles and the steepness of the hill because it was probably the steepest driveway I have ever seen in well over 20 years. The grade was greater than 45 degrees downhill. This Law Firm was involved because complaints were made to the association by neighbors. The homeowner wanted to get it cleaned up but the problem was they couldn’t find anybody who was able to get down the steep driveway and pull heavy loads of garbage up such a steep grade.

The homeowner found our website and read our testimonials, which made him feel we were the right company for the job. We received the emergency clean up call at night and by the following day we had it all cleaned up. We provided them with our proprietary methods and procedures to tackle this job, which, by the way, other companies are unable to do.

Built in DumpsterSome of my trucks have a dumpster built right into the cargo bed. So I unhitched the container at the top of the hill we were able to go down the hill with one of these trucks, with its own container and 4 wheel drive. We loaded this truck, took it up the hill right to the big container at the top, unloaded it into the big dumpster and continued this procedure until everything was completely removed from the premises. We had the property completely cleaned up in 9 hours, including getting everything to the landfill that same day. I took pictures of the items disposed of at the landfill as well.

The law firm had told us afterwards that they had contacted 15 other companies in that area and that they were unable to do the job. They said the huge roll off containers they have would have been too heavy to get down the driveway, or they just simply wanted to leave an empty roll off container on top of the hill, but it would have blocked the neighbor’s driveways and everybody would have probably thrown their garbage into the roll off overnight.
It would have been impossible for anyone to get the stuff from down there and up this driveway by hand so they were really happy they found us.

Dumpster Rental Bushkill PAWe do small jobs, large jobs, difficult jobs, nearly impossible jobs and we always have a game plan.

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