Dumpsters Cleanout Garage yard basement attic

I received a call from the home owner that he needed his garage cleaned out his yard and basement and attic Cleaned out. He was very concerned since he had received a letter that the property would have to be cleaned Up or he would receive a fine. The property was a
mess With much garbage strewn around the property. The problem was he had items that other companies would not take elecktronicks tires televisions chemicals and paint. He went online and found trash removal pa.com. Diamond dumpsters we told them That we haul it all. The job was completed in less then 6 hours. We received an excellent review. And the next day the items were disposed of properly at the landfill and the other items were recycled in compliance with the regulations. Very satisfied client at a very satisfied price. Clean outs property maintenance is are specialty and dumpsters .

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