A Weekend Dumpster Rental is Never a Problem

Dumpster Rental NeededI got a call for a dumpster rental on a Friday, the woman said that she needed to rent a dumpster for the weekend and that it was really important that she had it by Saturday. She had a rental property in Lakeville, PA. out in Pike County and the tenants were really amazing slobs. They moved out and left piles of trash everywhere. It looked like they hadn’t thrown their garbage out in a month and they had a lot of other old stuff all over the property.

Before I could tell her that weekend dumpster rentals have never been a problem for me she went on and told me about how she called so many other dumpster rental companies and that none of them would help her, they just couldn’t be bothered on the weekend. She also explained that if the pile of trash on her rental property wasn’t gone by Sunday, she would be getting some steep fines from the county on Monday.

At this point I would have helped her even if I didn’t usually offer dumpster rentals on the weekends. I’m always ready to help someone in need and typically, if I can I will. So we discussed a few things like pricing and time of arrival, came to an agreement and I got my dumpster ready for the ride out to Lakeville, PA. Lakeville is just inside of the limits allowed by my license.Dumpster Rental Areas I can only rent dumpsters within 50 miles of my town, Effort, PA. Around here you can almost count on slow moving traffic so I expected it to take a while to get out there and I left a little bit early.

I got lucky with the traffic and got there before she did. It wasn’t a big waste of time though, I got a chance to look around at the load of trash that had to be removed. I’m glad that I brought the dumpster truck that I did because she underestimated the load by a little bit. I took the little bit extra and didn’t even bother charging her for it. She really wasn’t that far off. Lakeville is a little bit far and she needed the dumpster fast, so I took the chance that she was able to describe the amount of trash accurately. Sometimes it can be a little tricky picking the right dumpster to rent to a customer when you haven’t actually seen the load for yourself. A lot of customers either over or underestimate the size of the dumpster that they need.

When she got to the house and saw that I was there and ready to get started I could see a look of relief on her face. She was really concerned about getting the trash removed on time and said that, from her dealing with other dumpster rental companies in the past, she expected me to keep her waiting. She was also pretty happy to see that the wheels on the dumpster were real tires and not metal wheels that punch holes in the ground when you set them down and dig ruts when you remove them. All of my dumpster trailers and dumpster trucks have wheels that you would find on a truck. They never leave a mark in driveways and are usually pretty good on lawns too.

It turns out that this woman is involved with home remodeling and other construction projects in Wayne and Pike Counties and expects to be needing more dumpster rentals sometime soon. She was so happy with the level of service I provided as well as renting her a dumpster on the weekend when no one else would, and the fact that I helped her out of the jam she was in, she said that she wouldn’t even bother calling anyone else. I am now her dumpster rental and trash removal man. Whether it’s on the weekend or not.

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